Born in Massachusetts and raised on the seacoast of New Hampshire, Jess Reyna followed her passion for art and studied at the University of New Hampshire. She began as a studio art major but was finding herself in a creative rut and unable to enjoy her artwork like she used to. For fear of losing her creativity, she switched her major to art history and studied abroad in London in 2011 to dip her toes into modern and pop art.

Since graduating in 2013, she has lived across the United States in Massachusetts, California, Connecticut, and South Carolina. From April to August 2018, she lived in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom with her fiancé. She now resides in the Portsmouth, NH area. 

During her time in the UK, she has formed an art collective called Hope + Easel, which officially launched in June 2018. She works closely with over twenty artists across three countries to discuss the latest art trends, issues, news, events and collaborations, some of which are formed around a charity. She is also a submissions reader for Spry Lit during her free time.  


I am naturally inclined to create brightly colored paintings. I enjoy paintings that can add a natural light into any home. I visualize pieces with an unnatural color palette in nature because it breaks the norms and rules I've been taught throughout my life. 

My mother always told me that I can do and be whatever I want in life. When I chose to study art and follow my passion, I was told many times I should pick something else. "What are you going to do with that degree?" These voices have stayed with me, and I paint to quiet them down. Instead of listening to them, I've decided to prove them wrong by creating these paintings that may not fit into society's standards. I bring fun back into my life. 

I have traveled to many places around the world such as Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, various cities across the United States, and more. Each location gave me great memories of sunsets over the river Thames, sunrises during quiet Barcelona strolls, and nature hikes in mid-afternoon foggy Howth Head. I have captured many pictures of these skies but the picture never reveals the true colors seen in person. As a sense of nostalgia for these places, I’ve decided to challenge myself in a more abstract way by painting these landscapes I once saw in person. 

One customer described my work as “calming and relaxing” when purchasing for her home, and that is exactly the goal I have in mind for these paintings. I use hard and fast brushstrokes as part of my creative process to fully capture the blend of colors and movement of the clouds.

I'm available for commissions!

Please email me at jreyna91@gmail.com for questions and details!